Saturday, 27 December 2014

Should I go to Carnival; I vowed never to return [17 Dec 1996]

Should I go to Carnival; I vowed never to return. Boulevard is good but too recent perhaps, and Sunset Strip is good but too familiar***What an incredible night at the Carnival. Dark-skinned girl with big wild brown hair. The white short hair, very black eyes, closed, very beautiful dancer, sinuous, constant hip movements. The sexy little Philipino. Now I was turned on. Then pair the Sunset blonde and fat blonde. They turned me on more. Then another pair, beautiful voluptuous blonde bob, black bra & knickers, and Victoria’s Secret girl double in black corset dress. Sensational. Then Raven! Black hair in French clasp, pink cardigan, over black silk blouse, black leather mini-skirt, tiny black g-string, two black garters, knee-length black stockings. Red red lips, like a black vamp in her style, pierced pussy lips, she held them open wide. It was like Raven come back to me. Long spangly black dress second time, sensational. I thought it would be so bad, but Raven, Victoria’s Secret girl and blonde bob (her only once) made it sensational. I will return soon.

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