Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Oh gorgeous girls everywhere on way to work

Oh gorgeous girls everywhere on way to work. The Victoria M&S till girl stunning, black hair pulled back in ponytail, ----ish face but perhaps India, but dazzling sexy smile. Stupidly I had already committed to going to till next to her so I lost chance to see her face to face. I will go back in here more often.
And in W.H. Smith's in morning, beautiful tiny petite black bob maybe Turkish girl working on the  self service machines. So so pretty. Christ, Spring is coming. Is here. Still cold at moment. Wait till the sun and heat burst out.
Thinking this morning it won't be long before I WILL want to see beautiful Turkish Berenice at -- again; and won't be long before I want to see those wonderful huge wobbly knockers and wobbly buttocks of Sonia at --. Face it, if I am not travelling I need to do something. But hopefully the Calcutta girl can keep me very distracted for the time being. Cannot wait to get back to Calcutta now, early as possibly Monday and carry on drinking through to 3PM if necessary waiting for her.

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