Tuesday, 22 May 2018

SO many beautiful young women on the way to work. Blazing hot early evening. Summer is here

SO many beautiful young women on the way to work. Blazing hot early evening. Summer is here. Best of them the peroxide blonde crop-cut in black top getting on my train at L--, like a petite voluptuous Natalie Maines (or Sarah --). So beautiful. Two days off in the hot weather! 76 OR 243 to Downham Road the easiest, then easy to get back to Charing Cross from there.  ** Dangerously aroused. Wonder if I will be tempted back to Soho models this summer. Oh the sheer glory of f--king a girl in one of those Vienna porn kinos. Stark bollock naked in a cinema. God I miss it now. The glory of it . Even just getting my cock out in the foyer of the WSK and having that girl wanking me calmly as we sat at the bar in the foyer. Epic, glorious moments. That is what I live for, what I travel for. But I must abstain, for this whole year. I overdid it, now must starve myself of it, to bring it back to life again in the future. But more sparingly. Christ, I still owe £21,504. Still almost the whole way to go. Get it down to £20,999 in June. By August hopefully down to £19,999. By October to £18,999. By December to £17,999? Achievable targets if I do not travel again before then.  Live in the pornography on my computer, and the ogling girls from the -- and Calcutta pubs. While typing up my Travel Diaries 2014, 2015, 2016.
When mother is gone, that is the time for Italy. Florence, Rome, the Rubicon, everywhere. Time for Germany, Hercules, Brocken, Reichenbach Falls. The great wandering adventures on Inter-rail passes. I cannot do that now with mother still my main concern.
A wonderful dreamy Derek Jarman porn film, worshipping the priapic sexiness of naked male bodies, cocks, frottage, but also rampant f--king of women in the end.

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