Thursday, 12 July 2018

Ah my lovely bed. And that is all you really need isn't it

Ah, my lovely bed. And that is all you really need isn't it. Lovely bed, laptop, lamp on floor, ferns, classical music. When I look around my room, out of everything my eyes can see what do I ever actually touch or use? Almost nothing. I might as well bin it ALL now, the books, the red dictionary. A Real Person, Thomas Mann, Bradshaws, newspapers, etc etc. The TV, the computer, monitor and keyboard. The music system (defunct). Everything can go. One day this week do that. Everything gone.
Monday I got the 11 o'clock (ten carriages), and got on front for change. Two gorgeous blondes at E-- made it worthwhile being brave, blonde ponytail, tight white shirt, prominent big bosoms the pick of them. I would never have seen her sitting at back of train. Then just had  a 6-pint session in the Calcutta. Didn't see anyone at all I remember. Home for lovely pork chops then sleep. No desire for -- Beatrice, really I keep thinking I need to save my money for when A-- comes back, but now I think I hope I stay away from her as well. Remember the cold icy air of the mountains. Remember the September return to Europe, and that cold icy air. Remember my own nest, lamp on floor, sleep on floor amidst the ferns and classical music. And nothing else.

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