Thursday, 12 July 2018

NONE of the excitement of last Saturday. Empty train to Victoria

NONE of the excitement of last Saturday. Empty train to Victoria, none of the busty teenage girls of last week. Empty carriage when I got to Victoria. No one sexy at Victoria. Just had one pint as I was worried the buses were soon going to stop because of the Pride parade. Had three in Moggs, then went to Lolita. Just handjob only as he lay her head on my shoulder, and kissed my cheek and chest. The more sweet and tender I was with her the more she was with me. Left with my cock sticking up over my belt, she laughing. Not sure I will go back. But interesting I had no desire for sex at all. Knew I would feel nothing so what is the point?
One in Calcutta on way back but then was on way home by 130pm thinking I could then sleep and come back alter. Woke up 630pm heaving and unable to take a breath the WORST EVER. Almost a whole minute of being unable to take an inward breath. Terrifying. Too much chocolate cake before bed.
Still forced myself out to catch 730pm train. Was shocked NO sexy girls, on a Saturday evening? No party girls at all. Bit more talent passing the Calcutta but not much. Think I had four in the Calcutta before going to Sunset. Carmen was pretty but nothing special. Two Peronis then I left and got the 1130pm train home. Home just after midnight.
So going out on a Saturday night not so exciting after all. Not missing much. And it was hellish busy because of Pride of course. Normal Saturday might be better.

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