Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Fourth Stella in the Dome

Fourth Stella in the Dome. 316PM. After this, and one more, I reckon that will be 415PMish and perfect time to get my taxi to Midi, and get TWO lovely Panos baguettes for a change (if they’re still open). The thing about the Ibis Gare du Midi coming back into play is it also brings back into play L’Orient Express, and the lovely little chicken (etc) LATE NIGHT restaurant next to it. And a constant all day source of food from the station (and NEWSPAPERS!). Yes, suddenly the thought of staying in the Ibis again has excited me about a quick return to Brussels (which I cannot possibly afford, but never mind). Just to feel the excitement, the eagerness, is a thrill in itself. Anticipation is everything. Anticipation is the fuel that keeps me going. If I really feel like it, I could forego one more Stella here in the Dome and walk to Fifth for a last 3 euro Maes; just to check the place out one last time. Little enthusiasm for it though. Does anybody record their travels, and their imminent homeward journey, as meticulously minute by minute as me? No, and yes why bother? I can almost hear my ex-wife saying. Always a great force for bringing me back down to earth and bursting my little bubbles. Bless her.
323. I wonder if I will be treated to a sexy barmaid here at the Dome, or does the lunchtime boss go all the way in these cost-cutting days? Would be lovely to see Aisha again as a final treat before I go home. Still a source of many erections/fantasies for me, even when back home in London. Rohff Qui est l’exemple (Brussels c.2003. FIRST Golden Age! Proper old school).

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