Sunday, 25 November 2018

I finally opened my eyes 752 am this Saturday morning to do a wee

I finally opened my eyes 752 am this Saturday morning to do a wee. Wanting to do this wee made it a tossing & turning night, in and out of sleep. Dreamed I was in big big house with -- and butler but the man of the house was away. Then me and -- naked, I rubbing my cock against her back as she was on top of me masturbating herself very quickly to orgasm. Then I naked with erection about to get into shower and she takes knickers off and is naked too, but the butler naked with erection comes in and apologises and steps into shower ahead of us. We went out again and then I woke I think.
God knows how much I drank, I don't even remember. I got the 725pm train home and got the 205 to Charing Cross. One in Calcutta, sexy -- in black spiderweb top, tight, lacy top half showed the line of her cleavage valley and shoulders. One in --, my girl was there but MONOPOLISED by boring young beardy non stop talking sitting at bar, off duty staff I am guessing but just talking non stop to her the whole time. Off duty staff should never be allowed to be in pub talking to barmaids. Because of that I left after just one instead of staying all afternoon. One in -- but already packed and it wasn't even 4pm yet. Beautiful brunette behind bar in long black dress with sparkly black top bit over lovely tits, but then I saw the bottom half was in fact trousers. But those tits great. Not sure if this is the brunettte I keep seeing but she keeps looking different. Then black girl turned up and white face girl from Halloween but it was far too busy so again left after one. So back to Calcutta and started only my fourth pint. But I was still there THREE HOURS LATER? No memory. Don't remember seeing any pretty faces either, I kept drifting off inside my head, and had to keep telling myself, refocus! refocus your eyes! but of course then drifted off again.

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