Wednesday, 14 November 2018

So 216PM and reluctantly back in the Café du Dome

So 216PM and reluctantly back in the Café du Dome. I would much rather have stayed in my room, but to pay for the whole night would have cost 79 euros! So now I try to kill time in the Dome, then perhaps Brussels Grill. Feel no desire for another Cine Paris or Fifth. Brussels has suddenly turned bitterly cold; feels more like snow than rain. Still, it is a pleasure to be sitting here in the Dome, listening to Berenice’s I’m Proud on my earphones, glass of Stella in my hands. Now Alcazar Crying at the Discotheque. Maitre Gims Bella. Memories of this holiday? Discovering Le Coin girls for the first time “came to life” for me and therefore that I really, really look forward to staying once more at my OLD favourite hotel, the Ibis Gare du Midi. That discovery will make it more likely I will return to Brussels sooner than I would otherwise have done. Junior Senior Move Your Feet.

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