Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Third Stella here in the Dome

Third Stella here in the Dome. 242PM. Pink Last to Know (Berlin circa 2003-4). Brollies are up but blowing inside out; no visible sign of rain, but a bitter Arctic wind (I can imagine). What little rain there is, equally cold (I am sure). My visit to Le Coin on my fourth day has reinvigorated my faith in Brussels the way the previous 3 days’ visits to Fifth had rather killed it;; so why then on my leaving day don’t I return to Le Coin and “do” something? No, I never want to have sexual relations on my home day; it completely knocks me out and leaves me weepy and emotional. Wanda Bussi Baby (Vienna c.2016). Amy MacDonald Run (recent). Mando Diao Sweet Wet Dreams (recent). Nazar/Falco Zwischen Zeit und Raum (Vienna c.2016). Mavi Phoenix Longtime (recent). I don’t want to do anything sexual on my home day, one reason I sub-consciously really recoil from it is because it is your life-force isn’t it. I need all my life-force just to get me through the long, tiring journey home with my heavy bag. Avoid sex, and avoid any heavy food too. Drink at least gives me that high that gives wind beneath my wings for a while.

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