Saturday, 17 November 2018

Wake up mortified again because of money spent in -- again yesterday, another £100 for sure. -- put everybody in the shade

Wake up mortified again because of money spent in -- again yesterday, another £100 for sure. -- put everybody in the shade, I was thinking it still is possible something WILL happen between us after all, because that body is magnificent. And she was really happy and friendly again.
But oh Christ the music sounded good yesterday. So many great pounding tracks, music turned up loud the way it's meant to be, no bar staff keep turning it down all the time. Great music system. Starboy sounded more magnificent than ever. The Hills. And it was a funny day of eye contacts. Coming up  -- steps, a BEAUTIFUL little petite black-haired girl in black coat standing there looking me in the eyes fixedly, so I looked back fixedly and we looked into each other's eyes for a few moments before with a little smile she demurely lowered her eyes to floor, I looked back again and she still had her eyes lowered with that little smile. We both had to wait ages, then she gave up and walked off. I think maybe she was worried I was waiting just so I could follow her onto bus?
Then -- was very very funny. All three collections she just took pound with a quiet thank you and eyes down, no eye contact or kisses, then danced to Noah Cyrus Again, I want to be Your Lover. And something else similar. One time I turned and looked back over my shoulder and she was on that seat looking at me fixedly. And again a bit later. Singing along as Starboy was playing between dances, she took to stage and put Starboy on again as if she had seen that I really liked it. Then she sat sadly on that seat at end of shift waiting for --. But I felt something between us, that memory of last time when I asked did she have a boyfriend and she laughed yes, no really, really I do. Perhaps now she is regretting it ? Or just wondering wondering if she is doing the right thing. I feel she is attracted to me, that is why she never said a word just collected with eyes down.
Then at end I looked up two or three times and found S-- looking me in the eyes. She has lost weight, I hardly noticed her tits, almost thought she has had them reduced, but I think it is just lost weight, but her arse should too be huge and now it is just normal. Huge bottom V-- also looked sad, like she is not making any money. Really sad but beautiful face. But like I say once again -- just left everybody else in the shade.
I remember feeling a HUNGER for it though. Every time I come back from Europe I feel a hunger to see fully naked strippers. I DID enjoy it and the music as I say sounded fantastic. And that incredible electricity I felt between me and --.
I felt ATTRACTIVE yesterday. Those incredible eye contacts from -- station girl, -- then S--.

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