Monday, 24 December 2018

So Saturday I forced myself to -- with no enthusiasm whatsoever and sure enough felt no desire for anyone

So Saturday I forced myself to -- with no enthusiasm whatsoever, and sure enough felt no desire for anyone. S-- pretty enough but nothing special. But it is good because I think I will never go to -- again. Maybe if -- comes back with those enormous tits, but other than that, never. That too should help reduce my expenditure even further in the New Year. NOT going to Brussels already puts me one up on last year, and cutting out the -- will help even further. In these -- constricted times.
Just Sunday and Christmas Monday night to get through then two days off. Presume I will stay in Boxing Day Tuesday, with my two cans of  Belgian Lager and snowballs. Then I can return to -- and Calcutta on Tuesday. I did well in 2017 reducing my debt by £4,000 and my goal for 2018 is to reduce it even further, by at least £4,000 again if I can. Always reducing it by between £335-500 every month. No more -- will help. And refraining from a New Year Brussels.
Also in 2017 I have published AUTISMUS, LOTTA and THE COLD ICY AIR OF THE MOUNTAINS in paperback, and added to them THE MORNING AFTER, A SEASON IN HELL and THERAPY. Six books now published in paperback, recording my journey through life from December 1996 up to December 2005. Press on with CASANOVA (LOST WANDERINGS) 2006-2007 now, then MARRIAGE, then TWELFTH NIGHT, and all the TRAVEL DIARIES that follow that.
Press on with the incredible -- in Calcutta, and -- in --. Perhaps a Brussels trip in February. We will see. 2018 is all about ACCELERATING my credit card debt reduction if possible. And carry on with my publishing.

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