Friday, 8 February 2019

Nearly there then two days off and another £70 saved! It really does feel like EARNING money! Where to go in Vienna?

Nearly there then two days off, and another £70 saved! It really does feel like EARNING money! Where to go in Vienna? I've been to Kraus's Lothringerstrasse home, try his one down by Karlsplatz perhaps. Apart from that, Belvedere, WSK, Manhattan, Cafe Westend! AND DRINKING IN MY ROOM WITH THE PORN ON ! No more wasted hours stupefying in the bar. In Brussels? Byron's Rue Ducale home, the Space Egg, Wiertz Museum--all over that one side isn't it! Easy. Then that park where the priest walked with Einstein. Ibis and Le Coin and glorious food from the station every day! Cannot wait but must! £9,999 CHRISTMAS. That means 700 a month. A tough ask. All the GREAT travels I need to make, all the more remote holies, such as  Brocken Mountain, the Hercules in the forest, Milvian Bridge, Rubicon, Reichenbach Falls, Zurich red light district, etc etc etc can wait for the distant long off day when mother is no longer around. For now the little jaunts to Brussels and once a year Vienna are enough. And Christ how I yearn to spend a whole WEEK lazing in Vienna again. That is the shining citadel on my horizon, that is what all these sacrifices are working towards.  *** Started putting Vienna songs on my Commons playlist. Everything is connected. Vienna, 9,999 Christmas, my £700 months to get there, my £35 monk's day indoors to get there. My £6.75 Belgian lagers are essential to that too. I have to make my days indoors bearable, enjoyable, otherwise I would be bursting to go out. BY buying those 6.75 Belgian Lagers it makes me stay in which saves me £35 a day, which may make the £700 a  month possible, which will make the £9,999 Christmas near-certain .Then Vienna happens. Small building blocks, small incremental steps, produces the £9,999 Christmas. It is incredible. Last year I just cut down my travelling to JUST four trips to Brussels and one strip club a month. Now this year I am going further, no travelling AT ALL, and even less strip, and no pubs AT ALL for 69 days till Ides of March. Thereafter just once a week, whether I have two days off or three. This is the most enormous year of my life--by doing nothing! By doing nothing I grow something enormous. By doing nothing the most enormous blooming and blossoming can take place in the twelve hairy nights of Christmas 2018, then Twelfth Night explosion into Vienna.

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