Sunday, 12 May 2019

So went out Friday straight from work of course

So went out Friday straight from work of course. One in Calcutta, just opened at 1240 as cleaner never came. Place going down pan. One in --. Two in --, only stayed for second because a Friday work group included one of those stunning JLT brunette types in black floral blouse open at back and mid length black trousers skin tight over most gorgeous sexy curvy arse with no knickers, bouncing bouncing buttocks. 10/10. But soon as I started second pint her and other girl left and went back to work in Leicester Square direction. Then to --, black girl joined by S-- after 315. I was tired, of course in bad mood. While starting blindly at TV screen, I felt a tap on my wrist and it was S-- "Hey! I didn't say hello." I just murmured yes but carried on staring blindly. Bad mood. Seven pints again. Madness.
This greek Alexandra, big boobs, tanned, 30s at Romilly sounds interesting, Thursday and Fridays maybe. Worth a look. Could be Andrea!
Anyway I woke up masturbating while looking at pictures of S-- and came looking at her picture, so that tells me a lot. **** Don't underestimate that S-- made physical contact with ME. She actually reached all the way over bar to touch my arm, an act of intimacy. Quite a big thing to do.

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